Where is Your Faith?

In Luke, Chapter 9, the day after Peter and John witnessed the incredible transfiguration of Jesus, the three of them journeyed back down the mountain and were greeted by a crowd.  A man, visibly frustrated, cried out to Jesus.  He begged him to take the time to look at his son who was being terrorized by a demon which caused him to have terrible seizures.  He had initially taken the boy to Jesus’ disciples who tried to cast out the evil spirit, but they could not.

This is where I often wish God had used italics.  Or bold print.  Or even a healthy dose of ALL CAPS because I so easily breeze past this section and miss the WHOLE POINT.

Jesus expresses great frustration, saying in verse 41, “O faithless and twisted generation, how long am I to be with you and bear with you?”  Then he says this.  And right here, is where I (if I was God, which I am clearly NOT) would have written in all caps:

“Bring your son HERE.”

As in, “TO ME.”

In other words, (to quote the classic words of 80’s country singer, Don Williams),

You’ve been “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.”


Was Jesus’ frustration with the father or with the disciples? Maybe it was with both.  But as I read I believe those four simple words speak volumes.

“Bring your son here.”

They are seeking healing from the disciples, maybe they are beginning to forget where their ability to heal has come from, but there is only one source of power, one source of healing, one  God-Man who is able to reverse the tide of disease and cast the demons out of  this boy.

In whom is their faith?

In whom or what is mine?

When I am hurting, where do I turn?  I often ask people to pray for me, but am I praying for myself?  Do I believe Jesus will actually listen to me?

Do I consult Google before God?

Do I take all the supplements and do away with all the gluten before going to my Father for healing?

Do I phone a friend but forget to fall on my knees for mercy?

How many ways do we manage to circumvent the essential, the most important step of meeting with Jesus on our knees and crying out DIRECTLY TO HIM for healing, strength, mercy, or whatever it is that plagues us?  How many times is my faith in everything and everyone BUT the Son of God?

Jesus scolded the man, saying “Bring your son here.”  HERE.  Not there, not to them.  HERE.

I just walked down the hall to check on my son, who has been suffering with a fever and nasty head cold for the past two days.  As I left his room my first thought was of all the things I need to do to speed up his healing.  But, no.  Before any of that I need to bring my son before the Lord, and let Him do His thing FIRST.  Why?

Because ALL glory belongs to God who gives every good gift.  Not any man or medication which are simply the vessels of His work.

So, I’m going to do just that.

Keep it simple.  Go straight to the source of life.  He is listening.  🙂




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