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I remember a story I wrote in Junior High called “Allison the Talking Dog.” It was about a dog who watched so much TV with her owner that, you guessed it, she learned to talk. My teacher loved it. She praised my creativity and said my idea was unique and clever.

That was the first time I remember dreaming of becoming a writer.

I have written for many of the years since then. (Don’t ask how many…I graduated High School in 1990 so you can do the math.) Journals, poems, blog posts, and chapters contributed to compilations have all been stepping stones, laid down one by one, leading me to my dream of writing a novel.

Three years ago, I began that process. Today, it is complete.

I wrote a book. I actually did it! Inspired by the people of my little Texas hometown and the tragic story of a girl I once knew, a story formed in my imagination. It played out in bits and pieces for two years, like a movie in my head, and I wrote what I saw.

It’s a story that is hard to read but needs to be told. It’s a story of unspeakable evil aimed at children, a real and present evil that holds millions captive today. It’s a story of children being treated like toys: used, disposable, trashed.

But, most of all, it is a story of the power of friendship. It is a story of how God uses community to bring hope and healing to an unthinkable situation.

It’s a story I pray you will read.

My book is called, “Paper Dolls.” The paperback is now available on Amazon and the Kindle version will be released December 16. Launch activities begin December 2 so watch your Facebook and Instagram feeds for more info as we get closer to the official launch day! I’ll be here on the blog, as well, with updates and ideas of how you can get involved with rescuing trafficking victims in your area. It is an epidemic that will only be slowed if the body of Christ comes together and refuses to be silenced.

Please pray for the Lord to use this book! And if you know of a ministry to victims of sex trafficking that would like copies of the book, just comment on this post or you can email me at

To God be the glory!

(Breathe, Jeanine, breathe!)


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