It’s GO Time!

Today is the day! I have an incredible launch team, over 150 strong, and with their help your Facebook feed should be flooded with information and links to order my book, Paper Dolls: Trust Your Instincts, from Amazon. If you would like to join the team (and have opportunity to win prizes for participating) just email me at with your name and email address and I’ll be happy to add you. The more, the merrier!

I am in awe of what God is doing. He is opening doors and bringing opportunities my way that I could have only dreamed of. He has big plans for this book, plans that I pray will result in lives changed, children rescued from slavery, and souls won for Christ. Please pray for me and the team as we work hard over the next month to spread the word. That we are finally here and launching this thing after three years is truly surreal!

To order, simply go to You can also search “Paper Dolls: Trust Your Instincts.” It is now available in paperback and will release on Kindle December 16.

Stay tuned for more info and please share this post with everyone you know! Sex trafficking is a HUGE and growing problem in the United States. It is going to take the body of Christ working together to turn the tide.

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