After the Storm

As I gaze at the hills surrounding my quiet little town, my heart is heavy. Just beyond those hills lie neighborhoods in pieces. Families broken. Lives taken with no warning.

Nashville is bleeding, and it is not going to be an easy or quick fix.

So much grief. I can’t wrap my mind around what suffering occurred in the wee hours yesterday morning. Entire families have been wiped out, children killed, bodies injured so severely they will never fully recover. For those who survived, the trauma will taunt them for years. Putnam County, just east of the city, suffers the most. The tornado only gained strength as it tore through their towns. Most of the dead and all of the missing lived there. I, among many others, am praying for the Lord’s presence to be known in this suffering. As we approach the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, may His life and strength be felt tangibly by those who are beginning the long process to rebuild.

Beauty from ashes, Lord. We ask this in Jesus’ name.

Below is a list of those who are still missing. Please pray they are found. Pray for their families who hang in limbo, waiting for word, praying for good news. Our church, among many others, is gathering supplies to help those who have been displaced. There are countless ways we can help during this time.

I would also suggest supporting the businesses who are serving, providing free food and supplies to survivors and first responders.

Nashville is bleeding. Jesus knows. He bled, too.

Nashville is bleeding. Jesus knows. He bled, too.


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