Runaways at Risk

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Today I am highlighting an article from Ohio. I will let you read it for yourself but one thing we need to understand is the huge risk runaways face for being trafficked. Too often, they go to someone they think they can trust to help them, only to be disappointed once again.

This story involves a pastor. Yes, a pastor. He was selling three teenage girls who had run away from home.

We often think of runaways as bratty kids who don’t want rules but, the truth is, the majority of them are running from very real problems such as poverty, abuse, and neglect. They enter the adult world alone and vulnerable, then they get picked up and forced into a life of horror and misery.

In fact the average life span of a trafficking victim is only seven years.

Click here to read the article, then pray. Ask God to protect runaways like these girls. Ask Him to bring His light into their world and set them free. Pray for the traffickers to be brought to justice and for the girls (and boys) to get the help they need to heal and to surrender their lives to the One who will never treat them as property, but will gently lead them.

And one more thing…that light we pray God will bring into their world? To set them free?

It might just be you. It might just be me.

Are you willing to be the light?


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