On the Road…

Photo by Sanaan Mazhar on Pexels.com

When my kids were little, we made frequent drives from Tennessee to Texas and I was on alert more for their safety than for the desire to look for signs of trafficking in the people around me. That has changed in recent years.

As I have learned more about trafficking than I ever wanted to know, I now realize what hotbeds of misery these places can be. Today I am sharing an article that gives me hope. I’m thankful that convenient stores are stepping up and willing to join the fight.

You can, too. Go back to this post and learn the signs that set a trafficking victim apart. Be ready with the hotline number (1-888-373-7888) and willing to make that call. Share this post and spread the truth! A country armed with information and an action plan is a powerful one!

Just click here to read today’s article.


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