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We are all inundated with statistics and fear of lockdown because of the “you-know-what” infecting people around the world. I get it. The unknown is scary and, I believe, most of us would agree it is better to be safe than sorry with something so new and unpredictable.

But there is another, even more widespread, epidemic that has infected every state in our country without exception.

Yes, I’m talking about Sex Trafficking.

in 2018 alone, 5,147 cases were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Bear in mind, those are only the ones that were reported. Worldwide, it is a $150 billion dollar industry. It is right here. In the United states. Affecting our citizens. Hiding in plain sight.

I have a suggestion. In this day of cancelled trips (I’m in that club, unfortunately) and unspent tourist dollars, what if we took that money and spent it on at-risk kids? Donate to organizations that are on the ground, loving on our youth in the inner-city and doing their best to teach them that they have a purpose, that they are worth fighting for? The truth is, all these school closings are going to hurt those kids. Many of these children do not eat if they aren’t in school. Hungry kids are at risk. Unsupervised kids are at risk. We are about to have a lot more of both if this virus doesn’t slow it’s infection rate down.

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to see the slavery statistics drop as a result of our being forced to stay home for a few weeks?

Click here to read today’s article from Fortune Magazine.

Then pray for the children in our communities who are in limbo today. Pray for their protection and for the hometown missionaries who serve and love them.

Pray about how you, just maybe, can be the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of at-risk kids, yourself.


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