For Such a Time as This

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With my commitment to write for the Kingdom throughout Lent has come a bigger challenge than I expected.

I knew writing daily about topics like Sex Trafficking would feel like a “downer.”

And it has.

I knew I would get very little response to these posts because we love Spring and bunnies at Easter time.

And that’s ok.

I have chosen to keep plodding ahead, to share what the Lord puts on my heart and remind you, His Bride, that you are not just beloved by your King, but you have a great and noble purpose to speak life and join hands to push back the darkness.

But, today, it feels impossible when we are told, very literally, not to join hands. So many of us are home for days, maybe weeks. We know there is pain and suffering, slavery and abuse, just around the corner but right now…on this day and in this season…we feel hamstrung.

I had a thought, though, that won’t let go. What if this sudden, screeching halt is of God? What if all the times we’ve lamented having time to really sit with the Word or in prayer were heard by Him and He is allowing us to have two solid weeks, possibly more, of that once-scarce time. Friends, if the church treated the quarantine as an extended fast and, instead of bingeing on Netflix and cookies we spent long periods in prayer for our world, our nation, and our cities I believe we would be shocked at the movement of God that resulted.

While we wait out this virus, children are still being sold for sex. While we cook from the abundance of our pantries instead of eating out, kids are out of school and, too often, out of food. Many elderly are alone and afraid. Children who are not safe in their homes are now forced to be where the abuse happens, suddenly with no reprieve. Just because our lives have paused doesn’t mean the evil in this world has. In fact, I would wager that the stress of this season will only make things worse.

But God.

We have a powerful weapon.

We hold the resurrected power of Jesus Christ within our very bodies.

We have faith.

We have a gleaming sword.

I beg you, let’s all use it. PRAY. GO. LOVE. SERVE.

We can’t go to church for now, but we can certainly be the Church.

Click here to read an important article regarding the Church’s response to plagues throughout history.


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