Use us, God.

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on

Today I am sharing a video from Every Nation, the umbrella organization that shepherds my local church, Bethel Community Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

As I watched this I was filled with gratitude for the family I have found there. Today, knowing that we will be unable to meet for an unknown period, I ache for them. Besides my home, surrounded by family and friends before a feast, there is no where I would rather be.

Despite our inability to gather in person, God is moving. In fact, because of it, He may be gaining more ground. The church in China can attest to this fact. They are ahead of us in the game. Click here to watch today’s video and do what they have done, ask God how He wants to use us when this crisis is over. How can we, as a body of believers, bless our cities during and after this quarantine?

So much unknown still lies ahead but this, I know: There will be fallout from these weeks of isolation. There will be grief for those who mourn the lost. There will be great opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

Use us, Lord.


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