Don’t Let your Kids be Prey

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With everyone at home because of the Coronavirus, it is to be assumed that many childeren will be spending more time than usual on their devices. This concerns me, though I understand it. I have one who is self-medicating with his PS4 in the absence of interactions with face-to-face friends. It is a hard season, even for us homeschoolers. We are all in survival mode.


We, as parents and caregivers, cannot grow lax and allow evil to enter our homes through those tiny little screens. I’m sharing an article about the app, Tik Tok. My adult children apparently have this app, but my minor children do not and articles like this are why. They also do not have SnapChat.

Please click here to read the article and, I beg you, stay on top of things with your kids’ devices. We are not the first generation to have to quarantine and the ones before us survived without today’s technology.

We can, too

In fact, we will likely be better off if we do.

Parents, break out the art supplies. Cook together. Garden. Read books aloud to your kids. (I can recommend some great ones if you need it.) Resist the temptation to allow everyone to isolate in their respective rooms. Take advantage of this season and enjoy being a family without a million places to go all. the. time.

Protect your babies. Evil lurks, ready, on the other side of those screens.

Stay safe and healthy, friends. Inside and out.


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