In Missouri.

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Today’s post absolutely sickened me. I received it a while back from a friend and had saved it to read later. I receive a LOT of articles, which I appreciate when I am doing research for a book but I also, sometimes, just can’t read one more horrific story and have to take a break.

Make tea.


Read something happy.

But I finally read this article today and, I warn you, it isn’t graphic but it is horrific. This man was a school resource officer in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. He was part of the local police department, tasked with protecting children. Then he went home and participated in their torture.

(Yes, when a person watches or shares child porn they are the perpetrator of their pain. Their demand keeps it going. Instead of exposing what they have found and helping the children they buy more. It is evil, demonic.)

So click here to read today’s article and pray for justice. Pray that evil will be exposed and kids rescued from this horror.

In Jesus’ name.


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