Exposing Beauty

Since the Coronavirus arrived on American soil, I have been struggling to keep these posts up. Not that my passion for the topic of human trafficking has waned…no. If anything it is growing deeper because I recognize the shift in focus of our country will very well keep us out of physical, face-to-face ministry for the large part and the isolation of our population will give traffickers even more freedom to carry out their dark plans.

I can assure you, the sex industry is not self-isolating.

When I began this 40 day journey of writing for Lent, I said I was “writing for the Kingdom.” I committed to sharing articles and information that would, hopefully, mobilize you to engage and become part of the army of God’s people who are fighting the epidemic of Sex Trafficking. I also hoped it would equip you to better recognize the real dangers lurking in often unexpected place in order to better protect your children.

As each day, passes, though, and I have sought the Lord for wisdom He has been gently telling me to pause. Just pause.

Because right now we are all struggling. Many are afraid. And He nudged me, just this morning, to remember that writing for the Kingdom isn’t just exposing evil.

It is also exposing beauty.

So I’m listening to that still, small voice. I have created a tab above that gives you information about my book, Paper Dolls: Trust Your Instincts. In that book, you will not only be pulled into Hannah, Melody and Kelley’s world, you will feel the pain of the trafficked child and be equipped with statistics, hotline numbers, and ways you can help in the fight against sex trafficking. Please get a copy for yourself and read it. Please share it. I believe in the message of my book. It is NOT a book I ever thought I would write. I never dreamed that God would put me in the fight against something like this. I’m an encourager by nature and this topic is not encouraging. At all. It is hard to read and hard to write about.

A Life of Simple Joys hasn’t felt very joyful lately, and that’s ok. It’s real life. There is no joy in recognizing the reality of suffering in our most vulnerable populations, but there IS joy in seeing God move and seeing His people step in to the fight. There is great joy in looking into the eyes of a rescued survivor and seeing the light of redemption glowing within.

I’m not going to completely stop writing about these hard things, but I will sprinkle hard truth with hope. The Lord is allowing me to write in such a way that will, I pray, fill you with faith. With gratitude. That will equip you to be bold in your stand for Christ which, in turn, will strengthen you to engage in the fight against evil that is running rampant all over the world. My posts will be more varied and will reflect what the Lord is showing me morning by morning.

Friends, we are in an unprecedented and hard season. The news is scary. We are being given too much conflicting information. May I encourage you to take a break? Turn off the news. Go outside. My hyacinths are in full bloom and the scent almost makes me cry. The birds have returned from their winter vacation and they greeted me with the sweetest song this morning. The heavens declare the glory of God, sisters. Please don’t forget to look up.


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