You asked…

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Since I released my book, Paper Dolls: Trust your Instincts, last December I have been inundated with one question…

“What can I do?”

There is not just one answer, and I don’t pretend to believe we will stop Sex Trafficking on this side of eternity. But I also believe we must do whatever we can, while we can, to save every survivor that we possibly can.

So, here is one small way to help with the fight: It’s a petition to shut down a popular website that sells horrific videos depicting, among many other evils, young victims being raped. Yes, you read that right.

The creators of this petition are seeking one million signatures, and they are well on their way. I beg you to sign it and share it with everyone you know. This is an EASY way to fight the evil of Sex Trafficking. There is NO reason not to do this!

Thank you in advance, friends. Click here to be taken to the petition.


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