Give your house a name.

A few months ago I read Andrew Peterson’s book, Adorning the Dark. In this incredible work, Andrew describes the labor and intentionality of creativity and community. He describes his family‚Äôs decision to leave the city and move out to the country, putting down deep roots. He encourages the reader to be purposeful in settling down … More Give your house a name.


You asked…

Since I released my book, Paper Dolls: Trust your Instincts, last December I have been inundated with one question… “What can I do?” There is not just one answer, and I don’t pretend to believe we will stop Sex Trafficking on this side of eternity. But I also believe we must do whatever we can, … More You asked…

Exposing Beauty

A Life of Simple Joys hasn’t felt very joyful lately, and that’s ok. It’s real life. There is no joy in recognizing the reality of suffering in our most vulnerable populations, but there IS joy in seeing God move and seeing His people step in to the fight. There is great joy in looking into the eyes of a rescued survivor and seeing the light of redemption glowing within.I’m not going to completely stop writing about these hard things, but I will sprinkle hard truth with hope. … More Exposing Beauty

In Missouri.

Today’s post absolutely sickened me. I received it a while back from a friend and had saved it to read later. I receive a LOT of articles, which I appreciate when I am doing research for a book but I also, sometimes, just can’t read one more horrific story and have to take a break. … More In Missouri.