Thriving in the Land of Busy

I sat in a rocker on my back porch as the sun set. Beneath a purple sky, geese honked and barn swallows circled overhead. The list of things I had not accomplished today loomed larger than the list of things I had checked off my to-do list. My chest felt tight with anxiety. Moving is … More Thriving in the Land of Busy


Update and a Prayer

Well, I stink at keeping promises. I broke the 40 day commitment to write (obviously) this weekend. Life happened and between the birthday of my firstborn and an ER visit for one of my kids (they are ok, thank God!) writing fell to the bottom of my priority list. I’m sure all twelve of my … More Update and a Prayer

If You are Afraid

I felt it rising up in the pit of my stomach. Anxiety. Fear. The what-if’s poured over me in waves and I struggled to catch my breath. I expressed it to my husband, the tension and struggle that fought within me. For days I had shrugged Coronavirus off as hype, saw the reaction of our … More If You are Afraid