Thriving in the Land of Busy

I sat in a rocker on my back porch as the sun set. Beneath a purple sky, geese honked and barn swallows circled overhead. The list of things I had not accomplished today loomed larger than the list of things I had checked off my to-do list. My chest felt tight with anxiety. Moving is … More Thriving in the Land of Busy


A Simple Prayer

Am I a vessel through which His love flows freely, or a dam that selfishly holds things in check out of fear or distrust that there will be enough to go around…enough of me, enough of Him, enough of whatever it is I hold selfishly against my chest and refuse to let go?Am I wild with distrust, desperately grasping for control and fearful of what tomorrow holds? Or am I at peace in the core of my soul, knowing that tomorrow is in His hands and that, live or die, I will ultimately live? … More A Simple Prayer