Huntsville, AL

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40 days-Day 11

This article flashed across my news feed last week. It happened in Huntsville, Alabama–just a couple of short hours from where I live. Had the airport employee not been trained to recognize the signs of trafficking, the young woman would likely have never been heard from again.

Her mother thought she was sending her daughter off to chase her dreams.

It almost ended in a nightmare.

Read the article. I know many people who are pounding the pavement for their kids, trying to help them find fame. It is so dangerous, friends. So very dangerous. Predators are rampant in the entertainment industry and you must weigh every opportunity carefully, willing to recognize the risk that may be involved. The old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” definitely applies here.

We must protect our children. Their lives are worth more than any modeling gig or acting opportunity.

Click here to read the article from WHNT in Huntsville, Alabama.


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